Channahon, IL Local Moving

Moving is a big undertaking for anyone. If you live or work in Channahon and are planning to move, you might search several choices online.

From there, you might make your decision based on the sound of things for the price. You’ll then determine how satisfied you are once the work is done and you’re in your next home or office.

Here at Amenity Moving, we’ve been serving Channahon-area customers for a long time. We understand what you’ve probably seen or heard before, so we won’t take your time repeating the same. We’ll just keep focusing on what we’ve been doing since the late 80s: learning all we can about your move; offering you ways to save time, money and effort; and taking pride only after we know your expectations are met.

Channahon, IL Office & Corporate

If you’re a business moving to, in or from Channahon, your arrangements are typically more involved than with a household move. You invest additional foresight and planning, and if the business is corporate, you might also have guidelines for changing locations.

Amenity Moving specializes in office and corporate moving for Channahon. We are your service team and your advisers for getting back up and running as you need to be.

Channahon, IL Furniture & Specialty

When you’re moving, you don’t want to find out that any furniture was scratched. That’s why it should be moved by those who know how to protect it.

At Amenity Moving, we ensure that your furniture is transported only by company personnel trained to handle it.

We offer the same careful, skilled service for local moving of pianos, hot tubs, spas, and gun safes, as well as for senior moving.

Channahon, IL Professional Packing

Packing for a local move can take a fair amount of time and effort. If you want to free yourself to focus on other tasks, we offer professional packing for making your move even easier. Let us do the hard work and the heavy lifting!

Our professional packing services can be especially helpful if:

  • your home or office is large and it includes many items
  • you are moving long distance, which increases the chance of damage from improper packing
  • you have fragile, valuable or unusually shaped belongings such as china, artwork, mirrors or antiques

Channahon, IL Long-Distance

Amenity Moving is also an authorized agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving long-distance services. As Wheaton World Wide representatives, we maintain the mission of an organized, hassle-free move.

As our Channahon long-distance customer, you will receive a fair and accurate estimate; guidance throughout the moving process; moving tips and a checklist; information about your rights and responsibilities for long-distance moving; and access to available item-protection plans.

Channahon, IL Storage Facilities

In some cases, you might need to store some belongings during your local or long-distance move. Amenity Moving offers 12,000sf of storage rental in secure, climate-controlled space. You can keep your items with us as long as you need to, whether it’s one day or several years.

Your Local Movers Are Ready

We welcome the opportunity to serve our Channahon customers. Call us at (630) 904-2300 to let us know what you need to make your move the easy event you want it to be.

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