Long-Distance Movers for Chicagoland

If you are planning for a long-distance move in Illinois, Amenity Moving is a professional long-distance moving company and an authorized agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving long-distance moving services.

With us, you have the promise of a comfortable, organized, hassle-free move backed by the Amenity Moving and Wheaton World Wide Moving brand names.

We understand your belongings require particular care and handling when traveling greater distances. As your long-distance movers, we:

provide you with a fair and accurate estimate after assessing with you in person what you will move

guide you step by step through your long-distance move, including explaining your options, setting time frames and planning the best pre-move strategy

supply you with moving tips and a thorough moving checklist

inform you of your rights and responsibilities when you’re moving far away

Long-Distance Movers: Starting Up

A long-distance move that saves money, time and effort begins with having the right plan and information early on.

As your long-distance movers, Amenity Moving is just as much a supporting advisory partner as we are a resource with the right personnel, equipment and vehicles for long-distance moving services. We also carry the proper licensing and insurance.

Because a long-distance move can often involve more details than a local move, you’ll want to start your planning with good lead time – ideally at least 8 to 12 weeks before your targeted moving date.

Planning should include an outline of your moving phases and goals as well as deadlines for each. You’ll also want to create an inventory of your furniture and belongings.

Having an inventory will let you track your possessions before the move and then confirm they’ve all arrived at your new location. This record can also be an asset for insurance purposes in case of any unforeseen circumstances during the move.

We also encourage you to ask us about boxes and packing materials you might need for your move. Inquire about our time-saving packing services too!

Long-Distance Movers: Cost & Budgeting

We want you to receive the best value and the most satisfying experience from your long-distance moving services.

As your long-distance movers, we’ll review with you the important starting factors, including the aspects that influence costs, such as total moving weight and distance. We understand you want a clear understanding of your moving expenses so you can budget for them properly.

A long-distance move also is a chance for you to de-clutter and downsize your belongings. In addition to purging what you no longer need, this can reduce the total weight and therefore the cost of your move. In addition, downsizing creates an opportunity for you to sell, donate or recycle certain items.

As a Wheaton World Wide Moving agent, Amenity can offer you protection plans for your long-distance moving services as well:

Limited Liability (based on weight per article)

Full Value (based on depreciated value of goods)

Replacement Value (based on full replacement or repair cost)

Also be sure to check your homeowners policy to determine if it has existing coverage for a long-distance move.

Because we represent Wheaton World Wide Moving, we offer special discount programs such as for members of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE). If you’d like to find out more about these programs, just let us know!

Long-Distance Movers: Packing

Packing is pivotal to your long-distance move and the ease of your transition to your new location.

As you are packing with boxes, start with items you use less often and work your way to those you use more frequently. Label each box according to its contents and its room at the new house. (Also label each box on the side, not the top.)

The quality of your packing materials is important too. Sturdy boxes and good bubble wrap, packing paper and moving tape are worth the investment. To help prevent damage, wrap delicate items separately and mark those boxes as fragile.

Consider numbering each box to correspond with the inventory you create. This can really help you stay thorough and organized when you arrive at the new house.

Pack an essentials box or two with things you’ll need upon your arrival. Such items might include a change of clothing, important documents, kitchen utensils and non-perishable food items. You can keep these essentials with you while in transit (e.g. in the trunk).

You and other members of your household might also bring along backpacks and carry-on bags with items such as pens, notepads, laptops, medications, phones and chargers, and things to read while on the road.

Be sure to give yourself sufficient time to pack. Because packing is a bigger task, it can sometimes be easy to put off until we get closer to moving day. One good approach can be to separate your packing into smaller segments, such as packing one room at a time over several weeks.

And remember – should you ever need extra support, we offer professional packing services. The Amenity team further can assist you with knowing what can’t be packed, as well as how to transport items that require special handling, such as a waterbed, a refrigerator or a boat.

Long-Distance Movers: Bonus Packing Tips

With its extensive experience and specialized focus as a long-distance moving company, Wheaton World Wide Moving is a leading resource of what makes moving pleasant and convenient for homeowners.

The following are just a few more of many useful moving tips we offer as a Wheaton World Wide agent.

Put heavy items on the bottom of boxes and then fill up with lighter items.

Condense your library as much as possible and then compare the cost of mailing treasured volumes with the cost of moving them. The special postage for books might save you money.

If you’re taking large outdoor planters with you, fill them with miscellaneous items instead of dirt. The same goes for a sandbox.

Go through CDs and DVDs and eliminate any you’ll no longer use. Otherwise, they can quickly make a heavy box. Sell or donate the ones you don’t keep.

Package stereo equipment and plasma televisions in original packaging, if possible.

Consider selling fitness equipment and replacing it at your destination. Remember weight equals cost.

Evaluate bulky, heavy workshop items and tools. It might be advantageous to replace them when you get to your new home.

Burn any firewood before your move. Sell or give remaining wood to friends or neighbors. Don’t move it, especially if your new home doesn’t have a fireplace.

Never move flammable items (it’s illegal). Empty fuel from the lawnmower, power tools and kerosene lamps. You also can’t move paints, bleach, cleaning fluids, lighter fluids, matches, ammunition, aerosol cans, propane tanks or any other type of combustible material. Check any toy chemistry sets as well. If you have questions or doubts about an item, be sure to contact us.

Don’t use newspaper for packing. Newsprint fades and the ink runs easily, possibly ruining the items it was supposed to protect. Instead, use newsprint, which is unprinted newspaper. It’s available at reasonable prices – just ask us!

Leave fitted sheets on mattresses to protect them.

Be available on moving day to make sure that anything that was supposed to stay with the home doesn’t go on the van. If these items are shipped, it’s going to cost time and money to send them back.

Long-Distance Movers: Storage

In certain cases, you might not be able to transfer all of your belongings to your new location at once. In other events, you may wish to move some items later, or there might be an unexpected delay as you’re finalizing your move or even while you’re in transit.

Amenity Moving offers secure onsite storage of your belongings should you need it. Simply inquire!

Long-Distance Movers: Moving Day

When moving day arrives, you expect that all will be in order and go as planned. The Amenity team upholds that confidence with our precise procedures and communication with you.

On moving day, we will take our own inventory of your items, including the condition of those not in boxes. We’ll have you review and approve that list as well.

The moving truck will then be loaded one item at a time. We will wrap furniture in moving blankets and secure it with restraints. We’ll also determine what to load last, such as items you’ll need right away at your new location.

Our central systems will keep us efficient for you along the way. Your Amenity driver and Wheaton World Wide’s dispatchers will remain in constant contact. Computerized scheduling and tracking will keep your move monitored at all times.

Once we’re at your new home, we’ll double-check the inventory to confirm everything is accounted for and then place all boxes and furniture in their designated rooms.

Long-Distance Movers: Contact Us Today

With Amenity Moving, you have the advantage of a local long-distance mover’s personal attention and service reinforced by the promise and strength of a reputable national brand. We’re ready to help you make your long-distance moving services efficient and easy. Contact us at (630) 904-2300 to get started!

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