Long-Distance Movers for Chicagoland

Amenity Moving is an authorized agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving long-distance moving services. With us, you have the brand promise of a comfortable, organized, hassle-free move.

As your Wheaton World Wide agent for long-distance moving, we:

  • provide you with a fair and accurate estimate after assessing what you will move
  • guide you step by step through your move, including explaining your options, setting timeframes and planning the best pre-move strategy
  • supply you with moving tips and a thorough moving checklist
  • inform you of your rights and responsibilities when you’re moving far away

Cost Factors and Protection Plans

We want you to receive the best value and the most satisfying experience during your long-distance move. When planning your budget, keep in mind the main cost factors are weight and distance. Other expenses could include services such as packing, unpacking, appliance preparation, custom crating and storage.

As a Wheaton long-distance mover, Amenity Moving can also offer you protection plans:

  • Limited Liability (based on weight per article)
  • Full Value (based on depreciated value of goods)
  • Replacement Value (based on full replacement or repair cost)

Be sure to check your homeowners policy to determine if it has existing coverage as well.

Packing and Special Items

If you believe you would benefit from professional packing, we can provide you with a detailed estimate for either all of your belongings or the ones you specify.

If you’ll be packing your items yourself, Wheaton’s many moving tips will help you be even more prepared and better informed.

The Amenity team also can assist you with knowing what can’t be packed, as well as how to transport items that require special handling, such as a waterbed, a refrigerator or a boat.

Efficiency and Expertise on Moving Day

When moving day arrives, you expect that all will be in order and go as planned with your long-distance movers. We make sure that happens through our precise procedures and our communication with you.

On moving day, we take inventory of each item including its condition. You review and approve that list. To ensure nothing is misplaced, we number each item and carton to correspond with the inventory as well.

The moving truck is then loaded one item at a time. Furniture is wrapped in moving blankets and secured with restraints. We also determine what to load last, such as items you’ll need right away at your new location.

Our central systems keep us efficient for you along the way too. Your driver and Wheaton World Wide’s dispatchers remain in constant contact. Wheaton’s computerized scheduling and tracking further allows your move to be monitored at all times.

Once we’re at your new location, we’ll double-check the inventory to confirm everything is accounted for and then place all cartons and furniture in their designated rooms.

Connect with Your Long-Distance Mover Today

Moving far away requires skill, experience and organization. Contact us at (630) 904-2300 to discuss your long-distance move and find out more about how we can serve you as your long-distance moving company.

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