Professional Packing Services for Chicagoland

Moving to a new home is a major event, and packing for a move is a big task. It’s also the most time-consuming and, for many people, the most stressful part of the move. This makes sense when we consider the average American home contains as many as 300,000 total items.

If you are planning for a move, the proper starting steps typically involve:

identifying, organizing and categorizing your belongings

deciding what you’ll pack and move and what you won’t

determining and acquiring the right packing supplies

packing and labeling boxes properly

You can consult with Amenity Moving as well. Our professional moving services include packing services that free you to manage other aspects of your move while we help you handle its most demanding phase.

Why Would You Need Packing Services?

Professional packing services can be especially useful if you:

have a large home or office or many belongings

have a busy working schedule and an inflexible moving date

don’t have available family or friends to help you pack

have an injury or other condition that limits or prohibits packing

are moving long distance (the farther away the move, the greater the chance of damage to improperly packed items)

need to pack fragile, expensive or unusually shaped items, such as artwork, antiques, mirrors, china, instruments or crystal glassware

Whether for one specialized item or everything you own, we know how to prepare your belongings for ideal transfer to your new location.

Packing Services: Proper Packing

Amenity’s professional packing services ensure your belongings are packed for optimal fit and protection.

We also use premium packing materials, including:

custom crating for fragile and valuable possessions

specially sized cartons for belongings such as mirrors, clothes and mattresses

padding and blankets for furniture and other heavy or scratchable items

We label each assigned container according to its contents and designated room as well.

Saving Money & Time for Packing Services

Amenity does more than correctly pack and protect your belongings. We also save you days or even weeks of time and effort that you’d otherwise spend packing items on your own.

With Amenity, your packing services are provided by specialists separate from your moving team. In addition to packing correctly and safely, your assigned packers will have everything ready to go when it’s time for the truck to roll out.

We also are here to help you make your moving services as efficient as possible. Here are several ways you can have your home ready for packing.

Before Your Packing Team Arrives

Gather and label items that will be placed in the same room at the new home.

Don’t pile items on the floor unless absolutely necessary.

Have all laundry done, dishes washed and appliances cleaned (e.g. empty crumbs from the toaster).

Leave items in cabinets – no need to pull them out!

Keep pictures and décor on the walls unless they’re extra high.

Separate or label items you will move yourself, such as medications, jewelry, small electronics, and home purchase and sales documents.

Create a no-packing zone for kitchen items you’d like left out until the last minute (e.g. coffeemaker, snacks, paper plates).

Collect brochures, warranty cards, user manuals for appliances or electronics, and items such as keys, garage-door openers and remote controls that will remain with your current home; leave them in a central location for the new homeowner (e.g. box, island counter, kitchen drawer).

Clear space on tables or countertops for your packing team to work on.

You might also want to pack a personal bag with a change of clothes and your everyday toiletries so you won’t have to rummage through boxes looking for these items when you arrive at your new home.

When Your Packing Team Arrives

On your team’s first day of packing, be ready for a walk-through with them before they get started.

Identify valuable items so we can take extra care when packing them.

Feel free to leave while your packers are working; if possible, remain available for questions we might have (e.g. by cell phone).

After your packing services are finished, join your team for a final walk-through to ensure that all packing is completed to your liking.

Packing Services: Extra Tips

If you’ll be doing any packing of your own in addition to enjoying support from the Amenity team, the following are a few things that can prove to be helpful.

Include large trash bags or spare boxes in each room. Use and separate them for what you will donate, sell and discard. You may find it most productive to focus on one room at a time.

Determine the packing supplies that you’ll need. Among other things, this can be boxes, tape, labels, stretch wrap, labels, markers and bubble wrap. If you have questions or need assistance, just call us at Amenity!

Designate “don’t need immediately” boxes. Put a few in each room and fill them with items you’ll bring with you but won’t require before, during or right after the move. For example, in spring you might pack heavy blankets, Christmas decorations and fall or winter clothing in these boxes. Be sure to label them too.

Assign smaller boxes for heavy items. If you’ve ever packed books, for example, you know how much they can weigh. Distribute greater weight over several small boxes instead of fewer large ones. Conversely, use large boxes for light items.

Pack “essentials” items separately. These are things you’ll need soon after arriving at your new home. They might be paper towels, toilet paper, toiletries, plastic utensils, cleaning supplies, and dish and bathroom soap. Also consider having a quick-access food box with snacks or basic ingredients for an easy meal. It’s often a good idea to have a box, suitcase or duffel bag with a change of clothes as well. Load your essentials boxes in your car (not with the moving truck).

Other factors to address beyond the inside of your home might include:

properly disposing of empty or half-empty cans, bottles and bags

properly disposing of potentially hazardous items such as paint and weed and insect killers

correctly wrapping tools, with special care for those such as hammers, saws and knives

draining fuel from outdoor appliances such as lawn mowers and snow blowers

cleaning any ornamental yard and garden items you will move; if needed, bring them into the garage or a protected area so they can dry or air out for packing

If you have questions about these types of items, or you’d like a full list of items that shouldn’t be packed, simply call us at Amenity!

Packing Services: Extensive Benefits

Amenity’s professional packing services:

save you effort, worry and time. Where packing can potentially require days or longer for you to accomplish, your Amenity packing team can achieve it swiftly and correctly. In some cases we can finish packing duties in a matter of hours.

include the right supplies. You don’t have to dedicate thought and time to figuring out which packing other materials you need, in addition to their quantities. Your Amenity packing services team knows exactly what to bring and how much.

help prevent injury. With your Amenity packing team, you can worry less about exposure to risks such as reaching and climbing for items on higher shelves.

Packing Services: Liability Valuation Coverage

Amenity’s professional packing services give you the option to financially secure certain belongings while they are in transit. If chosen, liability valuation coverage will cover your furniture items as well as any containers that we pack for you.

Plan Your “Packing Services Near Me” Starting Now

To further discuss “packing services near me” for your move, contact us at (630) 904-2300. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs, including last-minute assistance if time slips away from you.

Also inquire about our collecting of emptied containers at the end of your move (some limitations apply).

We can provide you with references for our professional packing services at your request as well!


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