Specialty Moving for Chicagoland: Gun Safe, Hot Tub, Senior

Specialty moving involves complex or unconventional items, especially those that have great weight, large dimensions and notable value.

Amenity Moving’s movers offer you expertise in gun safes, hot tubs and pianos. We also provide senior moving services for an efficient and relaxing relocation.

We manage the secure loading, transport and unloading of specialty items and can support you with packing as well. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

Specialty Mover: Hot Tub & Spa

If you have a hot tub or spa, you know how pleasing a dip can be whether it’s on the weekend with friends or during the week after a long day. Moving one, however, is an undertaking – so much so that some people choose to leave it behind with the house.

Should you decide to keep your hot tub or spa, Amenity’s movers have the experience, knowledge and equipment for an organized, protective move.

As your mover, we also help inform you about the best way to relocate your hot tub or spa. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to move yours.

Document your hot tub’s exact weight and dimensions. This will be important information for your hot tub movers.

Double-check any existing warranty to see if discusses moving the hot tub.

Be sure the hot tub is fully drained, disconnected from the power supply and free of any loose parts.

Evaluate the hot tub’s current and new locations. Clear the in and out paths of potential obstacles and determine if the hot tub needs to be moved vertically or horizontally.

Clean the hot tub before the move – this will help prevent transferring debris and water residue. You might choose to clean it again once it’s set up at the new location.

To speak with a professional spa or hot tub mover, contact us at (630) 904-2300. We’ll be glad to further discuss the details of moving your hot tub or spa to its new location.

We can store your hot tub or spa if needed as well. References are also available upon request!

Specialty Mover: Gun Safe

Gun safes can weigh anywhere from 300 to 2,000 pounds, so moving one can be a challenge, even if it’s just a short distance.

Amenity’s gun safe movers are trained and prepared for safes of any size and type, including for wide-ranging brands such as Stack-On, Browning and Liberty ProVault.

Experienced crews

High-quality moving equipment and up-to-date power dollies

Proper supplies for protecting the home or building and its furnishings

As your mover, we also help educate you about relocating your gun safe. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing to move yours.

Empty the gun safe before your Amenity movers arrive at your home or office.

Consider moving your safe’s valuables separately so they are not damaged by shifting around inside of the safe during the move. The reduction in weight of the safe also will make the safe easier to move.

If the safe is bolted down, you or we will need to unbolt or unscrew it from the floor.

Clear a path to the gun safe so obstructions won’t block movers’ access to it. Also remove throw rugs that could interfere with the dollies’ wheels.

Know beforehand where you will stage the gun safe at the new location.

Measure doorways and hallways at the new location to ensure the gun safe will fit through them.

Have a plan B. On occasion, the new spot chosen for the gun safe proves to not be sufficient. Identify a second location for the safe just in case the first doesn’t work out.

When you contact us as your gun safe movers, the following information will reinforce an efficient, correctly priced move:

Make and model of the safe or the safe’s dimensions and weight

Starting and ending locations for the safe

For pick-up:

Is the safe currently inside the home or garage?

Is the safe currently bolted down?

Are there any stairs leading out of the location of the safe?

For the move:

Will the safe be going into a home or a garage?

Are we bolting down the safe at the new location?

Are there any stairs leading to the safe’s new location? If so, how many?

To speak with a professional gun safe mover, contact us at (630) 904-2300. We can further discuss your safe and determine the best way to move it.

We can also store your gun safe and provide you with references at your request.

Specialty Mover: Senior Citizens

Moving is hard work for anyone but can be particularly stressful for the elderly. As providers of senior moving services, Amenity understands the steps and details for an easier and more organized move.

Always helpful, polite and professional, we provide seniors and their adult children with everything needed for a relaxing relocation, including preparation tips, a customized moving plan, clean and spacious trucks, and proper moving equipment. We also offer packing services and property storage.

As your mover, we can help guide you in preparing for a move for a senior as well. The following are a few starting things to consider.

Evaluate the senior’s current needs. This might include their mobility, any health conditions and any particular time or assistance they may require during the move.

Engage them in decision-making. Involving your senior loved one will allow them to reduce their anxiety and maintain a sense of control. Discuss with them their preferences, concerns and expectations about moving to their new home and neighborhood.

Clear & declutter. By our senior years, we’ll often have accumulated many belongings. Some may no longer be necessary nor fit into the new space. Support your senior loved one in sorting through possessions and identifying what can be kept and what can be parted with.

Plan your moving schedule. Contact Amenity Moving as soon as you and your senior loved one are committed to moving. We can answer your important questions and help you navigate the phases that will lead to a satisfying relocation.

Contact us at (630) 904-2300 to find out more about our senior moving services. We’ll be ready to support you with a smooth transition to a new home or a retirement or assisted-living community.

Specialty Mover: Piano Moving Company

When you’re moving a piano, improper handling and transport can cause notable problems and damage for your valuable instrument. Because of a piano’s typically large and non-standard dimensions – and its delicate components – moving one requires skill, experience and specific equipment.

Amenity Moving safely and efficiently moves all types of pianos. As a professional piano moving company, we’re also familiar with the many different brands of pianos, such as Steinway, Baldwin, Kawai, Young Chang and Yamaha.

Specialty Mover: A Rooted Community Resource

As dedicated local movers, we are highly familiar with the area’s cities, towns and neighborhoods (especially Aurora, Plainfield, Naperville and Joliet). We take great pride in our punctuality as well. We are on time in serving you, and if unforeseen circumstances should ever interfere with that consistency, we will communicate to make sure you clearly understand why.

These are all attributes of moving services with a firm foundation and a sense of place. Three brothers established our business in 1986 and started operating from a small warehouse in Naperville in 1987. In 1992, we moved to our current warehouse in Plainfield, where we have been serving the region ever since.

We always welcome hearing from you and providing the answers and solutions you need for your next move. Just give us a call at (630) 904-2300!


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