Piano Moving Company for Chicagoland

Grand pianos, baby grands, spinets, upright pianos – whatever your type of piano might be, it’s likely of notable value to you.

When you’re looking for a “piano mover near me,” your choice is of piano moving company is important. Many pianos are expensive, and most also have meaning as heirlooms, furniture or the home base for a musician or songwriter.

Your piano moving company should specialize in moving pianos, operate within your budget, carry and offer proper coverage, and maintain a good service reputation.

Amenity Moving is a professional piano moving company with the proper knowledge, skill and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient relocation of your treasured instrument. As trained and experienced “piano movers near me,” we’re also familiar with the many different brands of pianos, such as Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kimball and Boston.

We move organs and pump organs as well!

Piano Moving Company: Getting Ready

When you partner with Amenity to move your piano, we become your guide for relocating it from start to finish. We want you to be aware and informed of how we’ll work together throughout the process.

As you’re preparing for the move, here are main starting details to note as we make efficient arrangements with you:

piano size and type. Specify whether you have a horizontal piano or an upright (vertical) one. Common piano subtypes include spinet, console, studio upright, concert grand and baby grand. Also jot down your piano’s dimensions (height, width, depth), as well as its weight if you should have that information. These details will help your moving team identify the right equipment and piano-moving techniques to apply.

evaluate potential obstacles. Assess the paths that will be taken to move your piano out of its current location and into the next one. Specify any challenges such as staircases (including the number of stairs and whether they are inside or outside), doorways, large or heavy furniture, odd angles and narrow hallways. If you identify obstacles, clear the ones you feel safe and comfortable managing. If any items are particularly heavy, large or difficult, just let us know and we’ll take care of them on moving day.

Piano Moving Company: Continuing with Us

Equipped with your information, we will prepare for the move by gathering the correct moving tools according to your piano’s specific factors. This will often include equipment such as a piano dolly or skid board, pads, moving blankets, packing materials (e.g. bubble wrap), heavy-duty lifting straps, tie-down straps and packing tape. We also will disassemble the piano for moving as may be needed (e.g. grands and baby grands).

On moving day, we’ll arrive at the piano’s current location and park on level ground. Next, we will:

clear the piano’s remaining path. We will open the way beyond whatever you may have initially unblocked.

move the piano out. Using lifting straps to equally distribute the weight, we will balance and center the piano on its dolly, pads or skid board. When we confirm the piano is secure, we will transfer it to the proper vehicle we have specifically chosen for it.
load the piano. Having already prepared the ramp, we will load your piano with great care into our climate-controlled moving truck. Inside the truck, we will position the piano against the back wall and secure it with ratchet straps to keep it immobile and stable as it travels to its new location.

unload the piano. At the new destination, we will again ensure the path is open beyond anything you may not have already cleared. We will return the piano to its dolly, pads or skid board and unload it from our truck. We will then navigate the piano to its designated spot and gently lower it to its new home. As might be needed, we’ll also reattach any disassembled parts.

Your piano will be moved only by trained and vetted members of the Amenity Moving team. We do not subcontract or include third parties in moving your piano.

With your beloved instrument now at its new home, it’s ready to be played and enjoyed once again. Note that changes in humidity and temperature can influence the piano’s tuning and sound quality, so you might want to give it a few weeks to adjust to its new environment.

Piano Moving Company: Coverage

Your instrument will be covered up to the limits specified in our standard moving policy. We also offer the opportunity to acquire additional coverage for your piano.

We carry proper auto and workman’s compensation insurance in serving our customers as well.

Piano Moving Company: Storage

Should you need to keep your piano in storage for any reason, we have a fully gated, climate-controlled facility with security-system monitoring. Your piano will be raised while in storage to further protect it.

Piano Mover Near Me: A Rooted Community Resource

As dedicated piano movers, we are highly familiar with the area’s cities, towns and neighborhoods (especially Aurora, Plainfield, Naperville and Joliet). We take great pride in our punctuality as well. We are on time in serving you, and if unforeseen circumstances should ever interfere with that consistency, we will communicate to make sure you clearly understand why.

These are all attributes of a piano moving company with a firm foundation and a sense of place. Three brothers established our business in 1986 and started operating from a small warehouse in Naperville in 1987. In 1992, we moved to our current warehouse in Plainfield, where we have been serving the region ever since.

Piano Moving Company: Quick Story

Because we’ve been moving pianos in the region for so long, you can imagine how many different piano types and moving scenarios have filled our colorful history.

Just one of many moves we remember involved relocating a 6.5-foot Steinway grand piano from Joliet to Naperville. We arrived in the morning and checked the staircase from the piano’s current location in the basement: 15 stairs straight up.

Several of the stairs were broken, so we couldn’t move the piano up the staircase. We adapted by moving it out through the back sliding door to the backyard.

From there, we successfully navigated the piano up a slippery hill to the moving truck without dropping or damaging the highly valuable instrument.

Piano Mover Near Me: Contact Us Today

Piano moving has been a core service for us for years, and we are always glad to put that experience to work for you in ensuring a safe transfer of your piano. To further discuss your piano and our piano moving services (including for organs), as well as get started on an estimate, give us a call at (630) 904-2300!

References for our piano moving company are available upon request.


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Facts for Those Who Love Pianos

With 127 patents on their name, Steinway & Sons are considered the founding creators of the contemporary piano and widely regarded as the best piano brand in the world. The piano’s creator, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, started making pianos at age 20 in the family kitchen of his home in Seesen, Germany. Steinweg emigrated to the U.S. in his mid-40s and established Steinway & Sons in 1853. With more than 12,000 components, each Steinway & Sons piano takes more than a year to build by a group of highly skilled craftspeople.

The American piano brand Mason & Hamlin was started in 1881. Soon after, the company quickly became known as Steinway’s greatest rival. Mason & Hamlin’s pianos feature longer keys (similar to Yamaha’s) and enhanced pedal levels for strong bass tones and clear treble notes. Each piano is mainly handmade by skilled craftspeople and examined at least 12 times throughout its stages of production.

The Fazioli grand piano is recognized for its distinctive design. At 10’2″, the F308 is among the world’s largest grand pianos. It also features attributes such as a fourth pedal that serves as a mild interlude to bring the hammers closer to the discs. (Source)