Local Moving Services for Chicagoland

Amenity Moving provides efficient professional local moving services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Chicago region. In addition to helping you save money, time and effort when moving, we offer multiple truck sizes to suit your belongings, which will ensure the fewest trips. We also designate one customer per truck for local moves – your belongings will not be mixed with someone else’s.

When you partner with Amenity Moving, we’ll start with a free in-person estimate based on a visual assessment. If you desire, we can also assign experienced, knowledgeable packers to assist you with optimal packing in less time.

We understand how valuable your furniture is to you too. That’s why we don’t hire subcontractors or temporary workers for your move. All of your belongings, including your furniture, will be moved only by Amenity Moving professionals. Once we arrive at your new home or office, we will place your furniture where you want it as well.

We enjoy serving Chicagoland and welcome the opportunity to be your local movers. Contact us at (630) 904-2300 today to find out more about our local moving services for your city, village or town.

Quick Tips from Your Local Movers

Knowing what and how to pack goes a long way in making your move more economical. Keep the following in mind when preparing for your move.

  • Start packing early in the moving process and aim to pack a few boxes a day; this will help avoid the rush and stress of having to pack more as you get closer to moving day.
  • Pack room to room, beginning where items are least used (garage, attic, basement); continue in areas with less frequently used items (guest, family, living rooms); save the kitchen for last.
  • When packing, put heavy items on the bottom and then fill the remaining space with lighter items.
  • Catalog or keep inventory of your furniture and belongings – the earlier you start, the better. You can make a photo or video log or request an inventory form from Amenity Moving. We also create a formal inventory for items kept in storage with us.
  • Pack and mark one box for items you’ll need right away upon arriving at your new home or office.

If you’ll be hiring a local mover, be sure to check the company’s record and consumer reviews before you decide to work with them. This way, you’ll know their professional reputation and performance. Also be wary of low estimates. The true cost of your move will be determined by distance and the actual time it takes to complete your move plus any additional services you may need. An attractively low estimate can often result in an unwelcome surprise on moving day.