Local Moving Services for Chicagoland

Amenity Moving provides efficient professional local moving services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Chicago region. As trained and experienced local movers, we are an advisory partner in saving money, time, effort and worry during your move.

We offer multiple truck sizes to suit your belongings, which will ensure the fewest trips. We designate one customer per truck for local moves as well – your belongings will not be mixed with someone else’s.

Because we are committed to earnest and transparent local moving services, we enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction. Amenity Moving also offers customers climate-controlled onsite storage and specialty moving of pianos and gun safes.

Whether here at our website, on the phone, at our facility or at your moving location, we will be your guides for an easy, swift and relaxing local move.

Local Movers: Getting Started & Being Prepared

A local move will typically involve less preparation and planning than a long-distance move, but you will still always come out ahead when you make focused arrangements.

With a local move, you will usually know the area you’re transferring to, deal with less paperwork and transfer your belongings a shorter distance, meaning you won’t be without items you need for much time. You also can visit your new location more often before moving there, which can allow you to make it even more ready for move-in.

All the same, you will still want to efficiently pack your belongings, move them out and then move them in with minimal complications. Overlooking an important factor or task can result in unwelcome surprises and setbacks on moving day.

As you prepare for moving day, you can start right here with information and tips we gladly share with you from our many years serving the area as local movers. The following are a few leading things that can go wrong during the local-move process. It’s good to be aware of them so you can plan and adjust to avoid them.

Not enough time. Suddenly realizing you have to race before the move to make it happen will unravel even the best-laid plans. You can start developing your checklist several weeks or, better still, months ahead of the move. You also can run it by your local movers at Amenity Moving – we’ll let you know if there’s anything else to consider according to your specific situation.

Packing too much. Many of us tend to accumulate more things the longer we occupy a location. When we’re moving, we might think we’ll just pack whatever we now have. However, extra items can require extra packing time as well as more storage space at the new location. It’s good to take inventory of what you do and don’t need. A local move is your chance to downsize and declutter, as well as to sell, recycle and donate.

Size problems. You’re moving your furniture into your new home or office – and then you realize a large executive desk won’t fit through the door. You can’t saw it in half, and if you try different angles you could damage the desk. Measure large items you’ll be moving and use those figures to determine if they will travel through the new location’s hallways and doors. If any items will not, disassemble them for the move. You can also remove doors from their hinges if inches of space are all you need for a fit.

Item damage. Some belongings you’ll be moving will be fragile and valuable. Improper packing can lead to damage of them. Pack items properly according to their material and fragility. You’ll also want to have plenty of packing supplies such as boxes in good condition, quality packing tape and padding such as bubble wrap and soft paper. Labels for different boxes are a good idea as well. If you would like to discuss packing supplies more thoroughly, just give us a call. Learn more about our packing services too!

Property damage. With so many moving objects, the risk of damage to the old or new location remains as possible as that to items. If you’re a renter, damage to an apartment during a move can cut into the security deposit, as well as create new costs. Similarly, damaging your old or new home or office can lead to unwanted complications. Floors, walls, doors, stairs and banisters can be especially vulnerable to harm during a move. To avoid damage, consider components such as furniture sliders, a moving dolly, thick cardboard, corner guards and moving blankets.

Personal injury. Ideally, on moving day you’ll be partnering with professionals who will be managing most of the work for you. However, the risk of injury can remain – you or someone else can pull a muscle, scrape your arm, strain your back or smash a toe or finger. Your preparation should include forecasting how to avoid risks and injuries on moving day. Clear obstacles from intended pathways. Dress properly for the move, such as wearing closed-toe shoes and a long-sleeved shirt if needed. Know your limits and think twice before trying to lift something heavy – leave that to the professionals!

Poor weather. Weather predictions can be helpful, but few of us can pinpoint the future. Sometimes we just won’t know if it’s going to be sizzling hot or pouring rain on a certain day. We need to be ready to adapt to whatever the weather proves to be. That may mean being delayed as a thunderstorm passes and providing items with extra protection against resulting dampness and moisture. It could also call for wearing lighter clothing in high heat. In cases of extreme weather, such as an ice storm that makes driving hazardous, a move might need to be postponed.

Another big part of your local move is how much you will spend. You will want to have a proper budget that aligns with what you really need for the move. You don’t want to overspend on services and materials you may not require. The local movers at Amenity Moving can help you measure costs and plan your budget for what will most benefit you.

Local Movers: Putting Experience to the Best Work for You

When you partner with Amenity Moving, we’ll start with a free in-person estimate based on a visual assessment. Our pricing will be fair and accurate, and we will not surprise you with hidden charges. At your request, we can also assign experienced, knowledgeable packers to assist you with optimal packing in less time.

We understand how valuable your furniture is to you too. That’s why we don’t hire subcontractors or temporary workers for your local move. All of your belongings, including your furniture, will be moved only by Amenity Moving professionals. Once we arrive at your new home or office, we will place your furniture where you want it as well.

As community movers, we are also highly familiar with the area’s cities, towns and neighborhoods (especially Aurora, Plainfield, Naperville and Joliet). We take great pride in our punctuality as well. We are on time in serving you, and if unforeseen circumstances should ever interfere with that consistency, we will communicate to make sure you clearly understand why.

These are all attributes of moving services with strong local roots. Three brothers established our business in 1986 and started operating from a small warehouse in Naperville in 1987. In 1992, we moved to our current warehouse in Plainfield, where we have been serving the region as dedicated local movers ever since.

Local Movers: More Useful Tips

The following are even more ways you can save time, effort, hassle and money in preparing for your local move.

1) Start packing early in the moving process and aim to pack a few boxes a day.

2) Pack room to room, beginning where items are least used (garage, attic, basement); continue in areas with less frequently used items (guest, family, living rooms); save the kitchen for last.

3) When packing, put heavy items on the bottom and then fill the remaining space with lighter items.

4) Catalog or keep inventory of your furniture and belongings – the earlier you start, the better. You can make a photo or video log or request an inventory form from Amenity Moving. We also create a formal inventory for items kept in storage with us.

5) Pack and mark one box for items you’ll need right away upon arriving at your new home or office.

If you’re moving in winter:

1) Stay current with upcoming weather reports.

2) Keep in touch with us; we can change moving dates if needed, but sometimes we are booked on alternative dates and not able to make the move on a particular day.

3) Clear paths, sidewalks and driveways on days leading up to your move.

4) Rest assured that we will cover floors with runners!

Your Local Movers: Contact Us Today

We truly enjoy providing local moving services to the customers and neighborhoods we’ve been supporting for so long. We are here to make your life easier and do the hard work for you during a big event for your family or business. To further discuss our local moving services or request an estimate, give us a call at (630) 904-2300!


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