Storage Facilities for Chicagoland

When you’re moving out of your Chicagoland home or office, your scenario might include:

  • waiting for your new home or office to finish being built
  • having to move out but not yet having your destination finalized
  • moving into a smaller space
  • not moving all of your items into your new location right away
  • moving into a new location that already has furnishings and appliances

In any of these situations, you may need to keep belongings in storage. Amenity Moving offers 12,000 square feet of storage rental for any duration from one day to several years.

Storage Facilities: Full-Service Storage

Amenity Moving provides complete service for your storage rental. Either you can drop your items off at our warehouse, or we can pick them up and transport them for you.

With Amenity Moving’s storage rental, all furniture is wrapped in pads and cardboard and then packed and sealed in large wooden crates (8’ x 7.5’ x 5’). Sofas are stored on sofa racks to ensure they cannot be crushed or compacted.

We also enter each of your items into our inventory database and give you a detailed list of everything you store with us.

Once in our storage facility, your belongings will be kept secure and organized until you are ready to bring them to your new location or have us move them for you.

Your relationship with us gives you greater range for storage as well. If you’re moving long distance, we can connect you with any of more than 300 Wheaton World Wide Moving agents throughout the U.S.

Storage Facilities: Security

When you’re storing items offsite, especially valuable ones, you want to know they are safe.

While your belongings are with us, only Amenity Moving security personnel will have access to the warehouse. We further guard our storage facility with a well-lit yard, an alarm system and an outdoor security camera.

Storage Facilities: Climate Control

If you’re storing items such as art, furniture, carpets and instruments, as well as anything made of leather or wood, you don’t want them subjected to environmental factors such as dust and humidity.

In addition to properly boxing, wrapping and packing your belongings, we store them in a climate-controlled space that further protects them.

Arrange Your Storage Rental Today

As your full-service moving company in Chicagoland, we invite you to inquire about the storage rental you need. Contact us at (630) 904-2300 to speak with an Amenity Moving professional.

We can provide you with references for our storage facility at your request as well.